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Kkimmestry Releases New Single "Proud Black Soul" Empowering and Uniting The Black Community

Kkimmestry starts the first quarter of 2021 with a bang. Hailing from Franklin, New Jersey, female artist and film director Kimberly Hill, known as Kkimmestry, releases new single "Proud Black Soul".

As an artist of many facets, Kkimmestry is known for her catchy word play, tangled with her stylish flow. Passionate about empowering and uniting the community despite the troubles that blacks may face on a day to day basis, Kkimmestry expresses her gratitude for simply being able to be African American.

Throughout the track, Kkimmestry reminisces over good times despite the inequalities, hurt, and system that targets us the most. With a boost of encouragement for the community to believe in themselves, Kkimmestry reminds us that everything we fought for isn't in vain as we continue to grow and strive for the more simpler things in life.

Tune in, and embrace the culture.


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