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Kazi Jones Gears Up For Summer 2023

Introducing Kazi Jones, a rising producer from the vibrant town of Piscataway, NJ. With a sound that blends the best of hip-hop, electronic, and experimental music, Jones has quickly made a name for himself in the underground scene. Known for his distinct beats and innovative approach to music production, Jones is set to release his latest project this June. With summer just around the corner, fans can expect nothing less than a fresh and exciting sound that is sure to take the electronic music scene by storm. Get ready to dance and vibe out to Kazi Jones's latest release!

What is your creative process like?

My creative process typically begins by searching for the perfect instrument or sound that resonates with me and inspires me to build a beat around it. Once I find the right pieces, I start piecing them together like a puzzle. I'll add the drums, hats, bass line, and other instruments that complement the melody. I prefer to make beats based on my current mood and avoid forcing anything. This approach allows me to create more organic music. If I'm sampling from a song, I like to listen to different songs until I find the one that inspires me the most. Then, I choose the best section of the song to work with.

How would you describe your sound palette per say?

As a music producer, my sound palette is quite diverse, but I tend to gravitate towards cinematic and soulful sounds. I love experimenting with different genres, blending and fusing elements from various styles to create unique and captivating beats. I'm always on the lookout for new sounds and techniques to incorporate into my music, and I enjoy pushing boundaries to create something fresh and exciting.

What drew you to music?

My love for music started at a young age when various members of my family introduced me to different genres of music. I was fortunate enough to be gifted by my parents a Casio keyboard as a child, and I spent hours experimenting with different melodies. Even though I didn't know what I was doing back then, it was the start of my journey as a music producer. In high school and college, I had friends who were also interested in creating music, and they introduced me to the art of music production. Without their support and encouragement, I wouldn't be the music producer I am today. They ignited a spark within me and helped me develop my skills, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Your favorite song to produce thus far?

As a music producer, it's hard to pick a favorite song that I've produced so far. Every artist that I've had the privilege of working with has brought my sound to life, and we have created some incredible masterpieces together. Each song has its unique qualities and story, and it's impossible for me to choose just one. What's most fulfilling to me is seeing the artist's vision come to life through our collaboration and knowing that I played a part in creating something that touches people's lives.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments until this day?

One of my most significant accomplishments as a music producer was producing an album for my artist Kae-Hock called 'Bane of Fear', which was featured and reviewed in several prominent hip hop blog sites. It was an honor to work on such a project and to see the music we created together receive recognition from such respected publications. This experience has not only been a highlight of my career so far but has also motivated me to continue pushing myself creatively and striving for excellence in all my future projects.

What or who are you inspired by?

I would say that I am continuously inspired by other music creators. Listening to both new and old music fuels my creativity and motivates me to keep producing. When I come across an incredible song or beat from another great artist, it gives me that spark of energy and inspiration to create something equally powerful. I'm always on the lookout for new sounds, techniques, and ideas that I can incorporate into my music, and I'm grateful for the constant stream of inspiration that comes from the incredible artists and musicians around me.

What song did you have the most fun making?

Looking back on all the music I've produced, I can honestly say that I've had a great time creating every single one. If I had to choose, though, I would say that one of my most memorable experiences was creating 'Mellow Mellow' by Dot Summers featuring Stello. We rented a house in Weehawken, NJ with a stunning skyline view of New York City and set up my studio equipment for the weekend. Being surrounded by my fellow artists and creating music together was one of the highlights of my music career. The energy and vibe were amazing, and we were able to produce some real heat that weekend. The whole experience was incredibly inspiring and definitely helped to boost the energy in the song. Overall, it was one of the most fun and fulfilling experiences I've had as a producer.

What would you say is one challenge of being a producer?

One challenge of being a music producer is navigating the complex world of sampling. As much as I love incorporating samples into my music, it has become increasingly difficult to clear them due to the ever-changing copyright laws. This can be frustrating at times, but it has also forced me to get more creative with my production techniques and find new ways to incorporate sounds and elements into my music without relying on samples.

What do you hope fans take from your music?

When fans listen to my music, I hope they can feel the emotions and passion that I pour into every track. I want my music to be a source of inspiration and positivity for anyone who listens to it. Whether it's to uplift their mood or provide a moment of escape, I want my music to bring joy and comfort to those who hear it. Ultimately, I hope my music can connect with people on a deeper level and make a positive impact on their lives.

If you could give advice to to new producers, what would it be?

My advice for new music producers would be to never give up and keep pushing through the challenges that come with being a producer. It's important to stay inspired and have fun creating, as it can be easy to lose motivation when faced with obstacles. I also recommend taking risks and trying new things to keep your sound fresh and unique. Finally, always believe in yourself and your abilities. With faith and belief you'll always succeed.


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