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Jersey Club Made It To PBS

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

New Jersey is bringing in 2021 with a bang as the latest episode from Soundfields music education theory covers an extremely informative 15 minutes highlighting the energy driven genre that's taking the world by storm, best known as Jersey Club. Jersey Club is a popular dance style of music, and frequently known as one of the most viral genres as heard on platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Twitter and more. The craze was created by local Black DJs with the intent to get the community dancing and moving at events in the Essex County area. The genre began as male dominated, but the women today are showing they are here and ready to take it to new levels while maintaining the safe space for Jersey youth.

Music educator and host Arthur "LA" Buckner took the time to visit Newark, New Jersey personally to get the full scoop on the history with appearances by popular Jersey creatives such as legendary producer UNIIQU3, DJ Fade, Kherk Cobain, and DJ Tameil.

Catch the full episode available now.


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