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Jemetyeese expands her business brand and vision in 2022

Photo Credit: IAMJEMETYEESE (@jemetyeese) • Instagram photos and videos

Living your dreams without fear or compromise

Finding your purpose and pursuing it are two different paths in life. Even when people discover their motivation in life, only a tiny percentage possess the strength to chase amazing.

Dreams only matter if a person is willing to travel the path of uncertainty and darkness. Concepts, ideas, and visions are labeled as crazy and impossible by friends, family, and investors.

Passion can be intimidating, scary, and imposing to people. Fear and doubt run parallel on the track of greatness. People who break free from conventional wisdom change the world and become known as ‘visionaries.’

Jemetyeese belief in herself is beyond normal, and her grind is aspirational.

Staying true to your beliefs and convictions in life amidst unpredictability and zero guarantees is not for the faint-of-heart or weak. Jemetyeese is a natural-born visionary and soul survivor.

Jemetyeese has never shied away from her vision, even during life’s darkest moments. Adversity builds character and provides testimony for a person to live through. Overcoming your fears and crushing your personal demons purifies a person’s spirit.

Jemetyeese’s music career and the business brand continue to thrive in 2022. Jemetyeese’s growing enterprise includes a record label, cosmetic line, and TV/Film, division. She controls her narrative and future in music.


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