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JAOTHEARTIST illuminates the energy of Ohio Hip-Hop

Photo Credit: Photo by Stephen Leonardi

The battlefield of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop is a competitive industry; becoming famous is not easy. For an independent artist with an estimated 1% success rate, fame is often difficult to attain. JAOTHEARTIST is determined to dispel this misconception.

Rising gradually, JAOTHEARTIST has become a renowned entrepreneur and recording artist. Visualizing a vision or dream into reality is torturous. Following your dreams or striving for your aspirations is an extremely expensive undertaking.

Hip-hop artists face burnout, scams, and financial exhaustion as they attempt to become established. Often, the end game for many hip-hop artists is to let go of their ambitions amid all this frustration.

The evolution of JAOTHEARTIST

In becoming who he is today, JAOTHEARTIST has overcome these hurdles. Beginning as an independent artist JAOTHEARTIST has increasingly become a widely successful Hip-Hop artist in 2021.

Neglecting the immoral vices within the hip-hop world, JAOTHEARTIST maintained his integrity. Financing his labels and entertainment imprints allowed him to learn the ropes of the music industry.

Rising gradually, he is now CEO of his multimedia enterprise, including a record label, TV/film division. Establishing an organic fanbase within Cleveland and Ohio enabled him to confirm his life's purpose. JAOTHEARTIST is destined to do great things.

Recognizing JAOTHEARTIST as a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS is a milestone in his accomplishments. JAOTHEARTIST will revolutionize hip-hop in 2022 with his trademark rap delivery and visionary thoughts.


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