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Interview: Meet Janyelle Milton Founder of J Marie Premium Sneakers

We had a chance to chop it up with Janyelle Marie Milton, founder of J Marie Premium Sneakers. Janyelle Marie Milton created a non-heeled alternative to heels that customers can enjoy. Founded in 2019 and situated in Detroit, Michigan, J Marie Premium Sneakers manufactures handcrafted sneakers made entirely of Italian leather in Le Marche, Italy.

How did J Marie Premium Sneakers company begin?

I had a need for something that I couldn't find so I created it. I was a heel person....but after their diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and falling ill, I wanted comfort. I looked for different alternatives and couldn't find anything that matched my style so I created it.

Before creating J Marie Premium Sneakers, what were some issues or problems that you encountered?

Running into sneaker brands that completely ignored the demographics of the middle-aged millennium woman. The woman who had an established career was past Jordan's yet not quite over Sneakers. Everything was either childish, too athletic, or masculine.

In what ways have your premium shoes changed, or improved the lives of your clientele?

J Marie Premium Sneakers provide Sneakers for the woman who ISN'T a Sneaker-head in the sense of the brands that are often associated with that genre. J Marie Premium Sneakers provide a Premium alternative to heels that you can dress up or down.

Do you have any background or experiences that you felt that led you to this path as an entrepreneur?

I always was a serial entrepreneur. I also love to create, plan and execute things, and I have a degree in Business Management and a certificate in Supervision and Team building.

What influences the style of the shoes you create and sell?

Color. I don't know if it's a Midwest thing but everyone's into dark colorways and monotones here or st least it seems that way and that's boring to me. I like bold colors, patterns, and shapes.

But on the flip side, the Midwest love exotic skins hence gators, so I always have that influence whether it's a touch of leather, crocodile or python, or zebra.

Are there any designers that specifically influence your style?

Yes! I looooove Betsey Johnson's whimsical, colorful style, as well as Sophia Webster.

What is your personal preference, heels or sneakers?

Most definitely Sneakers, lol

If you had advice to give someone who is attempting to follow your path, what would it be?

Do what interests you, because if it's only about'll never make it past the grind... Don't let that go over your head... Be consistent. Focus on bringing quality and value to your business.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In major department stores...

What can we expect from your company in 2022?

More content that gives you insight into the line of Sneakers, how it looks with full looks and within a lifestyle. The continuation of our national shoe drive. Maybe more styles

Where can all of our followers and audience find you? (please include all Links, and any upcoming sales you wish to add)

You can shop J Marie Premium Sneakers at

Follow us on Instagram @jmarieshoes85_premiumsneakers

Right now we have a sale going on for all those on the J Marie Premium Sneakers mailing list...Subscribe Today for Instant Access!


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