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Interview: LaShay Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur

LaShay Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur, YourBestYou LLC
LaShay Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur

LaShay Anderson, a serial entrepreneur, grew up in Bristol, Pennsylvania. LaShay acquired strong leadership, nurturing, and work-a-holic abilities as the oldest of five children. She was in charge of caring for both her younger siblings and other people's children, teaching in them the excellent principles and values that had been passed down to her, making it a complete and stable village for their upbringing. LaShay gave birth to her first lovely baby daughter at the age of 18! Motherhood instilled in her a new sense of purpose and resolve to succeed.

In 2016, LaShay began her entrepreneurial adventure while still working full-time at a corporate position. Her talents were at an expert level by 2017 which essentially was a blessing because she was laid off from a $70,000-a-year job and left with nothing. As if her job situation wasn't bad enough, LaShay was also divorced and now a single mother with two children. When making sure food was on the table and a roof over her family's head was on the line, she didn't have time to pause or feel sorry for herself. She shifted into high gear with her knowledge and moved like the female BOSS she knew she is by formally beginning her own business.

LaShay has always excelled at instructing people during her profession. This is why her first sole business was Your Best You, LLC @yourbestyou llc! It is a career coaching firm situated in Philadelphia that provides services such as resume preparation, job search aid, coaching, Human Resource Consulting, and more. She became a Certified Career Coach in order to provide the finest service to her clients. Her clients span from Healthcare Organizations, shelters, and Workforce Centers to high school kids in the area.

With a reputation for always being a good student in school, a critical thinker, and a stickler for education, LaShay chose to make another investment and launched KandeeLand Academy @kandeelandacademy in Bucks County, PA, the first black-owned STEM centered childcare facility. The youth will be given the tools they need to be effective creators, thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and inventors of their generation here!

The youngsters are participating in virtual learning at this time during the epidemic, and the venue acts as an event space for residents of Philadelphia and Bucks County, as well as business professionals.

LaShay recently collaborated with the love of her life, Chef Gouda, and opened their first restaurant location, Gouda's Kitchen, within the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA, in July! Keep an eye out for more Gouda's Kitchen restaurants and Gouda's Kitchen goods in grocery stores!

Interview: Bridget: As a dedicated female entrepreneur, what does breaking generational curses mean to you? LaShay: Breaking Generational Curses means letting go of some of the traditions and ways of life that we have been conditioned to know, believe, and accept but they don't really mean us any good. It means setting new foundations and creating new goals than those that came before us. Bridget: What was the moment that clicked for you that having both of these businesses was meant for you? LaShay: When things began to easily fall into place. Not that owning multiple businesses isn't hard work, however, even though the work is required things will just begin to align appropriately and that's how I'm sure that it's all a part of God's plan for me.

Bridget: How do you balance self-care, family, and your businesses?

LaShay: This is something that I struggle with daily. Many times, I am extremely overwhelmed, and trying to find a healthy balance isn't something I'm successful with. However, I do try to be intentional with the time that I dedicate to my family and self-care.

Bridget: Where do you see your businesses in 5 years? LaShay: Multiple locations and multiple product lines! I am sure that wherever we are, it will be successful! Bridget: What has been your favorite part about your journey thus far? Why? LaShay: My favorite part has been being able to see the fruits of my labor and be a resource to my community. Bridget: What keeps you going when it gets tough as a female boss? LaShay: My family. There are literally days when I feel like giving up, but, I look at my family and say it will all be worth it in the end. Bridget: If you could give advice to a younger version of yourself, what would it be? LaShay: Slow down, enjoy life, and live it to the fullest! Create meaningful relationships and cultivate them, money will always be able to be made.

Bridget: For women who are in a similar position that you were in trying to make it happen for your children alone, what is the advice you would want them to hear from you? LaShay: I know it's hard but keep pushing! Be transparent and know that it's ok to cry, hurt, and be angry, but, pick yourself up and keep going! Bridget: What can we expect from you in 2022? LaShay: You can expect to see expansion and a bigger social media presence!

Bridget: Where can all of our readers find you? LaShay: Instagram:, @kandeelandacademy @goudaskitchen7

Facebook: LaShay Anderson


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