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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

You’re getting married? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to plan your wedding! There are lots of things to arrange, but the venue is one of the most important. The location for the event should reflect your wedding’s theme without breaking the bank. Today, We Are Jersey offers some simple tips to achieve just that.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Many couples choose their venue before setting their wedding date, so it’s one of the first things to check off on your wedding to-do list. Booking your venue a year before your wedding is appropriate. Decide what’s important to you and prioritize those items. Select a few venues to visit, and Here Comes The Guide suggests taking a list of questions with you.

Number of Venues

While many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony and reception in one location, some go for other options. If you’d prefer a private or church wedding but want to host a reception afterward, you’ll need to coordinate the availability of both sites. Think about transportation needs between the two; you don’t want guests (or yourself) to have to travel far after the ceremony.


Wedding venues are often booked far ahead of the actual date. Some brides select their wedding date to coincide with when their chosen venue is available. When checking availability, your strategy can be twofold: ask if your preferred date has open slots, or look at the venue’s schedule to see any open dates. Then verify that your selected vendors and services, like photographers, are available on the date.

Size and Location

You don’t want guests to be crowded at your wedding and reception, but you also don’t want to pay for space that you don’t need. Martha Stewart advises finding out the capacity of the venue you are considering to see if it is appropriate for the number of guests you plan to invite. The venue should also be conveniently located. Make sure there are adequate accommodations close by for out-of-town family and guests.


Wedding venues can be expensive, so make a ballpark wedding budget to see how much you can realistically pay. Although your venue sets the backdrop for your entire wedding, don’t go into debt to rent a place that you can’t afford when there are other suitable options. After all, there are plenty of simple ways to reduce costs, from cutting back on alcohol to planning the party for earlier in the day.

What’s Included

Some venues offer packages that include a bartender, catering, etc. Others let you bring in your own vendors. Check the available options at the venues on your shortlist to be sure they meet your requirements.

Bathrooms and Backup Plans

Your outdoor wedding won’t go over well in the rain, and other situations sometimes require an alternative site. Ask what your venue offers as contingency plans. Also, be sure that bathrooms at the venue are conveniently located, with enough of them to accommodate the people that will be at your wedding.


Adequate parking is a must. You don’t want parking to be in a field, for instance, because grass gets muddy during and after rain. There should also be a minimal walking distance between the parking and ceremony sites.

Venue Ideas

Nothing says that you have to rent a traditional venue for your special day. Many couples get married in national parks, clubhouses, or other locations with sentimental value. Some choose backyard weddings to save on costs and make the day more personal.

If you choose a backyard wedding, you may make upgrades to your home. Keep receipts, photos, and an itemized list of your expenses; if you sell your home, these may qualify for tax breaks, according to the IRS.

Make Your Day Special

Obviously, you want your day to be as special as possible! There are a number of challenges to overcome, but really, it all comes down to planning. Choosing the right venue takes research, but the time and effort spent are worth it.

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