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Gx Universe's releases Sci-Fi style Short Web series

Footsteps crunch on gravel; an astronaut enters the frame, a beacon of white glowing in the velvety black night; he carries his helmet, but we never see his face. In the next shot, he walks purposefully towards the camera, reaching to take off his helmet... the bass kicks in, strong and reverberating.

The first video of a series, The Gx Universe is on to something great. The story is here, the intrigue is here, and the flashing lights and deliberately-shaky camerawork are here. We certainly enter a universe—one filled with neon lights, tunnels made of stars, and a mysterious astronaut with wavy hair billowing out of his helmet.

“It’s a whole universe...It’s a whole universe of content for you to dive inside of,” the creator explains on his ​Instagram​. “It’s more than just a brand. It’s a vision. It’s an idea.” The Gx Universe will not be limited to just video, audio, or even live shows; instead, The Gx Universe isa whole world, lush with creativity and teeming with ideas.

After we spend some time soaked in smoky blues and mineral greens, the astronaut gets into his spacecraft. ​Bam​—neon pink lights, bathing his gloved hands and flowing hair. He goes full throttle, and the music drops again, getting more intense by the second. We pass through a subway of stars and into a channel of vivid blue streaks of light. We zip through it, into a new dimension—one with red-ringed patrol crafts that shoot lasers at us.

Through all of these scenes, the visuals and sound effects remain extremely consistent. The short film is masterfully produced, and successfully immerses the viewer in The Gx Universe.The scale is immense, and perfectly executed. From the start, we find ourselves rooting for the astronaut, gripping the edge of our seats as the astronaut grips the clutch, willing him to getaway from the spacecraft shooting at him.

The song itself could also be described as a “banger.” It is just short enough to keep on repeat,and just dynamic and catchy enough to get stuck in your head long after you stop watching the short film.

Near the end of the video, the screen goes black, the music stops, and all we hear is heavy breathing and ringing in our ears. A rapid heartbeat quickly turns into a rhythm; the astronaut flashes on and off the screen, his hands shaking; smoke rushes in from the sides...and, finally,we get a glimpse of the mysterious astronaut’s face as he lifts his visor for air.

He steps out of his spacecraft, and is greeted by white noise and glittering stars. The video is over, but the astronaut’s journey has just begun.

“You know it’s $1.50 on the moon, right?” asks the astronaut, in a ​separate videoon The Gx Universe Instagram. “Should’ve just stopped there.” We’re fine with that, as long as he takes us to the moon and—not back—but, instead, all across the cosmos and into The Gx Universe.

Check the full video below!


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