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Father who shielded kids from gunfire gifted over $280,000 on GoFundMe

Last week, a Bronx father shielded his three kids from gunfire and since then, he received several donations.

He and his family have received over $2,80,000 in donations on GoFundMe, after news emerged that he was fired from both of his jobs following the firing. A bullet hit is thigh during the incident. An anonymous individual made a generous donation of $25,000 to the family.

On Monday (Sep. 21), Jefferson was at a car dealership lobby with his three children, waiting. According to Serena Wingate, a family friend who also created the GoFundMe, both he and the kids wanted to buy his wife a birthday gift at the dealership.

Suddenly, a gunman entered the dealership and started firing at another man in the dealership. The other man responded with his own gun, and Jefferson hid behind the couch.

The surveillance video shows that the glass window shattered behind them and was all over the floor, and Jefferson sustained a bullet injury on his right thigh when he had his arms around all three children to protect them. None of the children sustained any injuries.

His wife, Danica Jefferson, stated that although her husband was discharged from the hospital, the bullet was still lodged in his leg. She stated that he would need a surgery and he is currently unable to walk.

Prior to the shooting, Jefferson was a construction worker and head painter at a maintenance company.

“I truly want to thank everyone for their well wishes and get well soon and praise for my family. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart,” Jefferson told NBC New York.

“I was just being a father,” he added. “If my arms would have stretched to everyone, I would have made sure I would have gotten them to safety.”

If you would like to donate to Jefferson’s GoFundMe, click here.


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