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Exclusive Robin Shaw Interview With Bridget Papino

Robin Shaw of South Norfolk in the U.K. has been growing and expanding since we last featured him in our November 2018 Issue of We Are Jersey Magazine alongside our Troy Reign cover story. When he first worked with us he gave us insight on his self-taught skills and motivation behind performing started after he was involved in talent shows and street shows. Robin came by and gave us some insight on what he has been working on, let's dive in!

Bridget: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Robin Shaw: As cliche as it sounds, my message would simply be to believe in yourself. I once had my head of my sixth form me told me to discontinue my English Literature studies for A-Levels as I would let the school records down and It wouldn’t look good. I ignored that advice and passed English Literature. Had I of listened and took that on board, I may not have had the passion or interest in writing or being creative. It applies to anything, sport, teaching, anything, if you want something, believe in yourself. It’s the biggest tool you can have to give yourself the best chance.

Bridget: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Robin Shaw: I have always been interested in entertainment. I reckon I would of pursued more of an acting career or something that is along the lines of performing. When I was 19, I managed to get the opportunity to be an extra in the film Streetdance 3D. This was a very small clip in the background at a club where there was lots of people. Having also studied drama for A-Levels, acting has always been of some interest to me so it could be something I might explore further down the line.

Bridget: For those who are not familiar with you nor the previous release, Have you always been interested in music? Was there a particular song/performance that made you say "Woah! I want to do that!"? Also What do you enjoy most about being an artist? Why?

Robin Shaw: As I mentioned In my previous feature, I actually started off competing in hip/hop street dance talent shows. This certainly helped me develop confidence on stage and deal with being in front of the crowds. I have experienced some level of rejection which is really key in developing as an artist as rejection and learning is an important part of the process. My favorite two songs to perform would be between ‘Bus 2 Nowhere’ and ‘P45’. They are both very different in styles. ‘P45’ is far more rebellious and hip hop, ‘bus 2 nowhere’ is far more melodic and has a slightly more romantic feel. I feel like I’ve got the crowd’s attention more with these two when singing them, plus there’s more imagery in the wording in both which can add to the emotion and rhythm when performing. The most exciting aspect to being an artist is creating music that no one has heard before. It’s mine and it’s pure. The aspect of recording and being in a studio vibe is electric and a buzz that will never get old. I can’t wait to get back in a studio when the time is safe to do so. Bridget: If you could pass on a nugget of wisdom to the next musical generation, what would it be?Would you have any advice for would-be artists or songwriters wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Robin Shaw: My main advice for up and coming artists is to believe in yourself and stay persistent. Things take time, I’ve still got a lot to learn but the small achievements I’ve managed to accomplish have been because I’ve practiced, worked hard and just kept pushing on. I’ve had many rejections and many ‘No’s but you will get yes’s and when they come, it can help you to the next stepping stone. Believe in yourself and work on your craft.

Bridget: Since you have been doing more interviews and radio more frequently since your feature, what has been your favorite experience thus far and why?

Robin Shaw: The feature in your magazine back in November 2018 really did build further foundations and a new found belief in my music so I will always be thankful to yourselves for that. Since then, I would probably say the most stand out and biggest impact has been my remix ‘Fight or Flight’ which features the rapper Ironik. To have collaborated with someone such as Ironik who has had top ten hits and worked on songs with artists such as Chipmunk, N-Dubz, Wiley, Elton John and more has been a huge boost to my own music foundations and a real installment of belief that anything is possible.

Bridget: Thank you so much! We appreciate that! Anything definitely is possible. When your not creating music, what are some hobbies you enjoy in your free time?

Robin Shaw: Some hobbies I enjoy include going to my local gym and keeping fit. I play table tennis for a local village team as well which is a sport I have been playing for 15 years now. I like watching my local football team Norwich city. Most of all, I love walking my husky dog Shadow.

Bridget: If there was any advice you could provide to a younger version of yourself, what would it be?

Robin Shaw: There are many things really. One would be to not worry at times. Opportunities will come along, just be patient. I would also say something that I already knew back then but I would say it again, your family and close friends are the most important things around. Also to stay kind. Kindness is the easiest thing to be in a world that can be very challenging. We all need it now and then.

Bridget: What can your fans expect from you for the rest of 2021?

Robin Shaw: To simply get my music heard as far and as wide as possible. I can’t wait to release my new projects in the near future. One of my songs is called ‘Today’s Generation’ which is a complete overview and perspective of political, revolutionary and cultural things that we have witnessed and happened over the last few years. It’s inspired by the song ‘We didn’t start the fire’ by Billy Joel. I also have ambitions of having my music licensed and used for possible commercial use in either film or advertising after assigning them to a company called ‘Sentric Music’ that would be a dream come true. I also really look forward to just recording again with my producer in London ( Chris Hall ) when it is safe to do so.

Bridget: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Robin Shaw: I think after everything that’s happened during this pandemic, it’s difficult to predict the next 12 months let alone 5 years if i’m truely honest. I’d love to have accomplished and established myself more in the industry. It would be wicked to tour different cities and countries whilst embracing the music journey more and more.

Bridget: Use one word to describe your journey in music thus far.

Robin Shaw: Inspiring

You can Robin Shaw on all platforms. He is reachable on the following social media as well.

Instagram: robinshawmusic Twitter: RGB_Shaw Facebook: Robin Shaw


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