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Exclusive Interiews at PBNJ 2nd Annual Block Party in Newark, New Jersey

The second annual Block Party was a success again this year, with the help of Newark City Parks on August 14, 2022, at Mulberry Commons in Newark, New Jersey. The block party was full of joy from the crowd goers as they enjoyed a evening of live performances, vendors, games, and more from 5PM-9PM. The event included live performances and appearances by some of our Jersey favorites in Jersey Club Culture and the New Jersey music scene such as Unicorn151, Ace Mula, Feel Good Finesse, ScottyTooFly, Uniquely Coordinated and more! Adrianna Lea had the pleasure to get exclusive interviews as well with our Garden States favorites, shot by Shelly Ferrell of Legit Mind State Media.

It's always great seeing everyone come together over something positive like music that brings us all together no matter what background, city or walk of life we come from.

Check out the exclusive interviews with Adrianna Lea below! Adrianna Lea and UNIIQU3

Adrianna Lea and Feel Good Finesse

Adrianna Lea and Unicorn151

Adrianna Lea and ScottyTooFly

Adrianna Lea and Dee

Adrianna Lea and Ace Mula

Adrianna Lea and Newark City Parks

Adrianna Lea and Uniquely Coordinated

Adrianna Lea and ItsPearl and Taj Mahaal


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