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DJ Suss One’s Dinner & a Movie Exclusive Premier of Disney's "Free Guy" Recap

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

There was a wave of excitement that oozed from IPIC Theater and buzzed through the crowd that stretched down Fulton St., and it was all due to the anticipated DJ Suss One’s Dinner & a Movie exclusive viewing of Disney’s new "Free Guy" featuring Ryan Reynolds. The night was filled with excitement for the exclusive premier of Free Guy hosted by DJ Suss One, as excited as to share this movie experience over good food and company. Exclusive invite included Shiggy, Rapper Holidaythegoldenchild, celebrity tattoo artists Donna and Alex, celebrity stylist Lundenlooks, celebrity talent Leah Robinson, hosts of 8 at the Table and more. It was a crowded night full of talent. Let's take a deeper peak into the eventful evening.

DJ Sussone
Photos by David Alexander Media

The brilliant inspiration behind Dinner & A Movie for DJ Suss One was combining his two favorite things: food and movies. As a fan of the two, what better way then to bring people together especially after the year we have had, “it’s a beautiful thing.” Having aspirations in film, DJ Suss One wants to eventually make his own movies. Premiering exclusive screenings is just one of is his many fulfilled dreams and a step forward in pursing a film career. It comes to no surprise that the premier viewing of Free Guy would be a special night as it would be his first partnership with Disney and 21st Century Film.

VH1’s Black Ink Tattoo Artists Donna and Alex expressed “It’s super lit to be here!” As far as for whats to come in the future, stay tuned to by checking out their instagram directly at @imtherealvs and @donnadadondada.

8 at the Table, podcast and TV show host Jaydah Blackwell was excited for what was in store for the night! Majority of the cast for her highly anticipated podcast turned TV show, where she will be hosting cool surprise guests and many other surprises for her viewers! Make sure to stay tuned with Jaydah Blackwell on Instagram

LooksbyLundun was thrilled to be in attendance, “It’s super dope! Always here for Suss One, because he always shows love and he also throws the dopest events!” Don’t forget to always be on the look out for looks by lunden @looksbylunden, some of which will be featured on Love and Hip Hop NY, Black Ink NY, A at the table and so much more!

NYC rapper and host for 8 at the Table, Holiday the Goldenchild shared a special moment when expressing, “It always means a lot to see friends, have a good time with a good premier, eat some good food; most excited to watch the premier of Free Guy before the release!” Make sure to keep up with her via @holidaythegoldenchild and don’t miss out on the fabulous fashion designs she will be releasing, stay tuned.

8 At The Table TV show hosts Nikki Diamante was in attendance to support DJ Suss One and were super excited to be able to connect and network with everyone. Make it your business to watch out for their TV show ‘8 At The Table’ where they topics like love, relationship and sex. Believe that they will hold nothing back, so much sure to stay tuned for that!

Beautiful and talented singer, actress, dancer, designer, song writer Lea Robinson showed out for DJ Suss One too, also excited to be hanging out with everyone over good food and a good movie! She looked forward to what the night had in store. Follow her on @thelearobinson to stay tapped in with her latest music and projects!

Be sure to follow The Feature Presentation for the full scoop, as well as DJ Suss One and his team!


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