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Deshaun Watson’s Future Remains in Limbo As League Decides Whetherr or Not to Suspend

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

For well over a year now, NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson has been eembroiled in a mooutain of controversy. In that time span he has faced sexual assault and misconduct allegationss from dozens of women, each of which with their own uniquely horrifying account of their encounters with the esteemed talent. His formed team, the Houston Texans, elected to part ways with Watson on less than amicable terms, leading to Watson signing a massive deal with the Cleveland Browns that could make him their quarterback for the foreseeable future. But plenty of uncertainty looms regarding whether or not the NFL will take disciplinary action against the quarterback and what questions that raises for the Browns in their planning moving forward as a team.

Paying a quarterback an average of $46 million a year, he should be expected to play. With that being said, Watson could certainly still seee the field this year. Last month, Watson settled to close 20 of the 24 cases against him out of court and seemingly made some significant headway towards that goal in doing so. The Brows have Jacoby Brissett lined up behind Watson in the event he is suspended, a serviceable replacement if all falls into place, with plans to acquire more help as necessary, but the NFL is certainly dragging its feet on this one and leaving Cleveland in a difficult position. Its especially disheartening for the Browns given the trade package they gave up in exchange for the extremely talented Watson, and they surely have to be praying for mercy for Watson’s sake as well as their team. What will happen next in the Deshaun Watson saga is uncertain, but the ultimate result will have a resounding impact that effects teams across the league and they should keep their eyes peeled as a result.

Deshaun Watson made a name for himself at Clemson Universsity beginning in 2014 which culminated in being drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft with the 12th overall pick. He won a myriad of awards at the collegiate level including a CFP National Championship coupleed with the honor of CFP National Championship Offensive MVP in 2016, and lead the NFL in passing yards in 2020. He sat out last season in order to focus on his legal matters and has seemingly done that, but whether he will continue to do so remains unclear. It will be interesting to see how the league rules on the fate of Deshaun Watson’s career in 2022.


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