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Dallas Brooks expands the brand of JUMG

Dreaming involves filling our minds with hope and aspiration through beautiful images and thoughts. During a person’s darkest moments in life, dreams provide a divine light that outshines all fearful emotions.

Becoming immortal in music and Hollywood is a young person’s fantasy every day of their lives. Being God’s universal language to the world, it’s incredible how people from all walks of life create music.

Amazing also is how people understand their passion, pain, and justifications through music. Being at the top of the world’s most famous music genres, hip-hop influences every aspect of pop and mainstream culture.

Setting trends and raising awareness on issues affecting humans worldwide hip-hop makes youth culture depend on it to navigate their flight of destiny. Being a multi-billion-dollar business, Hip-Hop is recognized globally by Wall Street and all financial powerhouses. Hip-Hop produces business billionaires and self-made CEOs.

Surrounding Dallas Brooks’s life are the elements of despair, economic struggles, drug-infested neighborhoods, police brutality, racism, and block love from everybody. His life story is not for the faint of heart, and only a select few survive in its environment.

Celebrating his unconventional dynamic for music and visual creation makes Dallas Brooks, aka JUMG, a born warrior. Listening to JUMG music captivates a listener’s mind and stirs up deep emotions psychologically.

Talking of JUMG achievements, he is CEO of his own multimedia company, including a record label, clothing, publishing, and global merchandising.

Reflecting on his childhood and relying on his God-given instincts, JUMG develops music from a raw and transparent perspective. Creating and securing generational wealth for his family has been Dallas Brooks’s JUMG life vision.


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