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CYB Keylo Drops New Music Video, A Local Losers Production

The New Jersey music scene is flourishing, and is as active as ever! New artists emerging from all corners of music and blending different genres together. One of these promising artists is CYB Keylo. His new song “Squirt Like Squirtle” premiered on Friday, July 14.

CYB Keylo has definitely been working hard releasing as much music as he can. With other

singles like “Day Before (its My Birthday)” and “Pour 6”. He also has two EPs out “Sorry 4 The Weight” and “Sorry 4 The Weight (Red)”.

Squirtle is a melodic rap song over a lighthearted beat, with catchy lyrics that elevate the song to another level. The production of the song is flawless, and sounds like a hit song by Lil Uzi Vert. The visuals for the music video are stunning as well. The video was made with a warm color gradient and fun filters that make the watching experience enjoyable for everyone. Plus CYB Keylo also wears many colorful and fashion-forward streetwear inspired outfits that adds to the artist’s originality and brand.

The music video was directed and edited by yoaspire, with independent film production

company The Local Losers. The company is very accomplished in production and has filmed

many short films, as well as directing music and commercial videos. The group consists of

yoaspire (the CEO and Director), Isaiah Morrehead (Chief Writer) and Lauren Elise (Director

and AD). Local Losers have been locally recognized for their films as well winning the “Best Film in Fiction” category at the Cranberry Film Festival.

This collaboration between The Local Losers and CYB Keylo is definitely one to watch out for!

The “Squirtle” music video is phenomenal and highlights the evolution of rap music.


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