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Christmas Classics for your Movie Marathon

Tis The Season To Be Jolly - Christmas Season - Holiday Movies

'Tis the season to be jolly—or so they say. But what's really the best part of Christmas? Is it the gifts? The family time? The decorations? In my opinion, it's definitely the Christmas movies! There are so many great ones to choose from, but I think I've narrowed it down to the best of the best. Keep reading to see my picks for the top classic Christmas movies of all time! You might enjoy the family comedy movies for years to come!

The Santa Clause (John Pasquin, 1994) Disney Christmas Movie

The Santa Clause (John Pasquin, 1994)

Follow the spontaneous events of divorced father Scott and his son, as Scott becomes the new Santa and takes on adventurous Christmas duties.

A Christmas Story (Bob, Clarke 1983)

Ralphie Parker, a young boy, has only one Christmas wish, receiving a “Red Ryder Air Rifle”. Unfortunately, his odds are not in his favour and struggles to keep his Christmas spirits up.

Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Larry Roemer, Kizo Nagashima, 1964)

A family classic most of us will remember from our childhood. A light hearted movie, following Rudolph saving the day against an evil queen stirring a storm.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Jeremiah S. Chechik 1989)

Clark Griswold has ruined Christmas, but there is always time to undo the disaster. This movie is perfect if you love goofy comedy, with an engaging storyline.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

(Ron Howard, 1966 & 2000)

The good ol’ Grinch. We could not miss this movie from our top picks. A must watch! Reminisce your childhood and remember if the Grinch can change, you can too.

Elf (2003)

Will Farris never disappoints. This witty, comedic movie will bring you a good laugh.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Bill Melendez, 1965)

If you need something wholesome for family night, this short animated Christmas movie will be perfect for kids before they head to bed.

The Holiday (Nancy Myers, 2006)

Ladies, this is for you. The Holiday, following the love story of two women as they head home for Christmas. It’ll make you laugh and leave you yearning for an epic love story.


Home Alone (Chris Columbus, 1990)

No explanation needed, we all know how great this movie is. If you haven’t watched it yet, catch the f up! You need to add this to your list.

Jack Frost (Troy Miller, 1998)

Be careful, this movie will be a tear jerker. If you're in the mood for an emotional ride, Jack Frost is the movie for you.

The Night Before (Jonathan Levine, 2015)

Christmas for the boys. A hilarious film, showing the dynamic of three friends as they encounter devastating differences.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Chris Columbus, 2001)

After this movie, you’ll definitely be eager to binge watch the Harry Potter chronicles.

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas (Alex Mann, Bradley Raymond, Jun Falkenstein, Bill Speers, Toby Shelton 1999)

A Disney original that you might’ve forgotten. This short film will make you realise why Mickey Mouse was so iconic.

The Perfect Holiday (Lance Rivera, 2007)

A funny rom-com, super lighthearted and feel good vibes. Nancy played by talented Gabriel Union, find love in an unusual way.

A Christmas Carol (Robert Zemeckis, 2009)

If you dread Christmas, this is the movie for you. After watching it, you actually might think Christmas isn’t as dreadful as you believe it to be.

It's A Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946)

If your parents suggest this movie, WATCH IT! Although it’s old fashioned, this drama/fantasy will inspire you that you are genuinely living a wonderful life.

Scrooged (Richard, Donner 1988)

Bored of wholesome Christmas storylines? Scrooged is the movie for you. This dark-comedy film will be a breath of fresh air from the cheesy happy endings.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (Brian Henson, 1992)

The Muppets Celebrate Christmas too! Get the family together and sing along to your heart's desire.

Die Hard (John McTiernan 1988)

Ok, who doesn’t love Die Hard? Detective John McClane shows us that Christmas can be thrilling. This movie will leave you at the edge of your seat.

Bad Santa (Terry Zwigoff 2003)

Definitely add this to the watch list. Bad Santa is a mess and genuinely quite relatable. This film is dark-comedy and not suitable for kids. We wouldn’t want their Christmas beliefs ruined.

The Polar Express (Robert Zemeckis, 2004)

Another family favorite by Robert Zemeckis. The Polar Express is a film like no other, with unique animations, captivating storyline, taking you on an emotional ride.


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