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Cam Thomas: The new kid on the block

Cam Thomas scored 33 points against the Charlotte Hornets, making this his third straight 30 point game. This performance helped the Brooklyn Nets earn their first win on the season. The spotlight has been on Mikal Bridges, who had established respect as the go to guy for the Nets. But after Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving made their departure, the organization had to figure out a new game plan with players being added to the roster. As expected, players that were traded for the former all stars, had to fill in their position and responsibilities. For Thomas, that did not stop him from elevating his game to the next level. During the 2022-2023 season, there were not many opportunities for Thomas as his minutes continued to decrease over time.

As the season progresses, things have changed. The Nets are searching for another prime scorer to compliment Bridges in the lineup. This is not new to fans at the Barclays Center about Thomas' scoring ability. During the Kevin Durant era, there were multiple games with the box score filled up by Thomas scoring ability. At first, the focus seemed to be more into Bridges and Cam Johnson adjusting to a new system and environment. Thomas has experienced many lineup adjustments and fresh faces joining the organization. He was ready for the opportunity to present itself. To be clear, Thomas has played exceptionally well at all levels of the sport of basketball. He is currently the all time leading scorer at Oak Hill Academy. That credential speaks volume to players after the likes of Brandon Jennings, Carmelo Anthony, and Ty Lawson. After having an impressive two years with Oak Hill, he started the freshman campaigns at LSU.

Cam Thomas finished the college season with 23 points per game and earned first team honors for the SEC. It seemed that the LSU organization knew they were going to lose their freshman standout after the season. Four years later, the 3rd year pro out of Virginia is changing the culture in Brooklyn. As the season continues, Thomas can flourish in the Nets new system.


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