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Bring the Car Wash to your home with QuickWash

Ever wanted the convenience of washing your car at home, but never had the right equipment to get that deep clean that you need? Well, QuickWash has got you covered!

Based in Clifton, NJ, QuickWash is a mobile car wash and detailing service, leaving cars spotless from north to south Jersey. 


   It started when Luis Chapal approached younger brother Giovanni Chapal with the idea about the mobile car wash business when Giovanni was a freshman in college. It was an all-hands-on-deck project as both brothers, sister Ana, and some friends helped start the business in their driveway. “Myself, my brother and my sister, have been very entrepreneurial-mindset for as long as I can remember,” Giovanni recalls. 


  Giovanni, the Chief Operating Officer of QuickWash, felt motivated to continue the project as he feels the car washing industry is in need of innovation. “I mean, you look at the car washing industry and it’s been the same for decades. We just simply wanted to bring change. Have the car wash go to the house, go to your job, wherever you are, and just have an easy, frictionless service,” Chapal said. 


So how does it work? Similar to the concept of an Uber or Lyft, QuickWash released an app in August 2023 that makes it easy to book an appointment. Chapal explains it as simply, “you sign in, you create an account, you just pick your appointment, pick the address and a technician will give you a call when he’s on the way.” QuickWash provides a variety of cleaning packages and services that can be done right in your driveway. 

After just three years, QuickWash currently operates five vans that are simultaneously running and ready at your convenience through their app. “I think it’s getting more and more popular just because people are finding more and more convenience whenever they can,” Chapal said. “If they don’t need to leave their house to get their car cleaned and they know they don't have to have any equipment, any water, any electrical for us, we just simply show up and do the cleaning and leave, you know, it’s the best experience that anyone can have really.” 

What’s next for QuickWash? Chapal plans to grow “the tech within the app and just [scale] the amount of operators that go out everyday so that there’s more options for people to get quick washes and premium washes.” 


You can find more information about QuickWash on their Instagram,, or download their app, available in the App Store and Google Play. 


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