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Baybe Kera Is Back with New Single “Bluetooth”

With Jamaican roots, yet raised in New Jersey, female rapper Baybe Kera is making her mark in the hip-hop music scene with her versatile flow. To follow up her previous release "Drink", Baybe Kera is back to show listeners to let their success do the talking on her track "Bluetooth".

They heavy hitting bass on the trap beat accompanies her cocky yet sexy lyricism that

encourages her listeners to unapologetically love themselves. While turning pain into her biggest motivator, Kera learned how to walk confident as a woman after being raised in a single father household. Her latest single "Bluetooth"belongs on your playlist especially if your heading out for a fun night with the girls. The confident storytelling artist gives us a catchy track to motivate the listeners to go out and go get the bag.

With sign-offs from CashFlow Harlem, Casanova, Stylo G, Lady London, DJ Solo, and New Jersey's DJ Hypeman Ricky and DJ Tee Tropez,you can expect to hear more about the talented Baybe Kera.

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