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+ An Apologetic Letter to the Single Women

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My sincerest apologies for what you've had to endure in this present age. Never in my wildest imaginations did I assume that the romantic chaos would get THIS horrid! Men are killing women for rejecting them (politely)!! This screams for the heaviest needs for therapy on countless levels, and I cannot fathom what you feel internally when thinking about men approaching you. Many men have collided with obstacles that they aren't mentally or emotionally ready to face, and their egos kick in without warning. Accepting rejection seems a task far too difficult, but women shouldn't have to pay for that with their lives!!!

Casting out the demons of emotional mismanagement needs to become a man's top priority, before he can strongly consider dating. The faces of women who are avoidant of men for fear of their lives, hasn't just increased tangibly/in person. Blocking and other preventative measures have heightened on social media, to the extent that even genuine fellas can't speak to some women (believe's happened to me). Yet, with all of the postings on Instagram & Twitter that speak on women wanting to find their husbands, good men to date, etc., women have been too concerned with who they actually allow to talk to them. You ain't gonna have any of these women missing & on the Channel 5 News!!

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The women ask for flowers, nice gifts, and thoughtful gestures, and have been traumatized by guns & bullets in plentiful counts. Single women have to be intentional with exercising of caution. While the good men who mean well & have proper intentions vie for their attention, you as a single woman have to prevent yourself from becoming a part of the death toll for the year. It is shameful in my mind, to have to conceive ideas of how to protect the women around me, because the predators & egotistical boot stains are out LARGE numbers! It is to such an extent, that I have a friend who recently got a registered firearm for her protection, and she has been training with it (at the range) with dedication! what you must, and God be with each of you. The protectors have become monsters, and we have yet to see the growth in the collective male psyche that we need. Truly, I apologize...we have failed our duties as men (a number of us)!! May you be safe, found in abundance, and smothered in peace!!

Your very warmhearted & concerned love writer,

- Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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