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Amy Lothian Sits Down with Author Itoro Bassey

Author - Itoro Bassey - First Generation Immigrant - Book Out Now

WAJM Journalist Amy Lothian speaks with author Itoro Bassey to discuss Bassey's upcoming novel Faith. The two discuss the novel's central points: the stories of women, coming of age in American society, being born and raised in an immigrant family, and the choices associated with finding one's identity as a first generation black woman. 

"The loss isn’t only in this country. It’s dispersed across the globe, wherever our parents went and raised us, that loss has traveled abroad."

Bassey's novel 'Faith' encompasses her own experiences as the daughter of immigrants, while also including poignant anecdotes of women from different generations who share similar experiences. The novel, says Bassey, was inspired "by the absence of women not telling their stories". Learn more about Itoro Bassey and her novel Faith in this exclusive interview and pre-order the book now at the link below.

Book "Faith" Available on Malarkey Books

Itoro Bassey is a Nigerian-American writer, journalist, and storyteller. She was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in New England. She has received writing fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center, the San Francisco Writers Grotto, and The Edward Albee Foundation, among others. Her short story, To the Children Growing Up in the Aftermath of Their Parents’ War, won third place in the Glimmer Train Short Fiction Award. Some of her popular pieces of writing are Running, Anti-Blackness and the African Immigrant, and A Visitor in My Homelands. Currently, she works as a correspondent and producer at Arise TV.


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