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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Photos captured by @davidalexandermedia

Fashion, smiles, and good vibes. This was all that was expressed as some of the Tri-state’s favorite music industry hip hop artists, actors, and bloggers alike, entered the room for DJ Sus One’s premiere of Black And Blue. Greeted with special VIP passes, our guests were certainly treated like the celebrities they are. Upstairs, individuals interacted over signature cocktails in a relaxing low lit setting. Dave East, Wendy Williams, Maino, Nyla Simone, DJ Drewski, Sky Landish, Richie Dollaz, Mariah Lynn, Yalee, and plenty more made up the night’s golden hour as Sony, Def Jam, and The Feature Presentation prepared for an amazing experience.

As guests gathered below, they encountered the press, took photos, and shared their thoughts on the culture of policing in cultural communities. Many were excited about director Deon Taylor’s action-packed film as it places real topics on the table, and opens up a broader conversation about the line between society and its protectors. After interviews, many were escorted to the theater for their dinner and a movie experience with DJ Suss One.

Inside, entertainment industry celebs enjoyed comfortable seating as they indulged in their favorite snacks and cocktails. After, they were treated to enticing entrées, which soon became second in interest as the lights dimmed and the words “Feature Presentation” echoed on the walls of the theater. Passionate reactions filled the space as individuals sat at the edge of their

seat throughout this film. Upon finishing, the film received a roaring applause, including standing ovations from a few of our viewers.

After the film, celebrity guest Dave East shared the stage with DJ Suss One for an exclusive interview and film review. The night was nothing less than memorable as guests expressed their support for Black and Blue and DJ Suss One. Def Jam and The Feature Presentation surely set the tone in this advance screening of the film, adding another unforgettable hour to their repertoire.

Black and Blue, approved by our heaviest hitters, is available now in a theater near you!

Check out the video recap shot by KFilmz!

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