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5 Year Anniversary Issue of We Are Jersey Magazine OUT NOW!


We are celebrating working with over 500 talented independent artists from Jersey without stop since the beginning of our journey as we release our 5 year anniversary September 2019 issue of We Are Jersey Magazine. Our team strives to give creatives a platform to tell their story, their way. We are thankful for everyones support thus far!

This issue we had the chance to spotlight

OnlyJahmez (cover)

Crisp Linen

Jacina Love

Ill Woods


Smarty all Crazy


and with bonus interviews with Vannah, Santana Da G, Jefe Deez, IT Official and Cash Johnson!

The talent never stops coming!

Make sure you visit our Youtube channel to check out the latest interviews from this issue!

Click here to read our latest issue!

This magazine issue is available for purchase directly here.

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