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We Are Jersey Magazine January 2019 Platinum Edition [DOUBLE COVER] Out Now!


We Are Jersey Magazine January 2019 Issue Out Now! Featuring: Philippe - @just.philippe Ottohaze - @ottohaze Fame Gillette - @famegillette PeteyxKraze - @peteyxkraze [ @peteypxk and @krazepxk] Eric Hall - @mrerichall Run This Way - @runthisway Ashley Gillett @ashleywgillett Theolodge - @itstheolodge R.O. Hutch - @rohutch919 Jester Society - @jestersocietyofficial Kutty Chris Banga - @kuttychrisbanga And motivational piece "Bitter Brainstorm"

by Tommie Lee @prophettommie Photos shot by @mr_giovanni We would like to thank all of those that have contributed to this magazine issue! Check it out by visiting ________________________________________ PRINT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

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