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Diamondz Models

What Do We Do?

 Being a model is more than photos, as it is truly a business. We take pride in the professionalism, integrity, and ethics that are the core values of our company and team. Jersey Diamondz considers authenticity to be of the utmost importance. We find and develop the next generation of talent, whether it be by model scouting or submissions, and create a team of women whom are different in aesthetic, yet maintain integrity in following their dreams and goals. We embrace diversity, change, and inclusiveness as we prepare and present your creative media to industry leaders.


You can book our models for

  • Editorial/Commercial

  • Photoshoots

  • Fashion Shows

  • Clothing Brands

  • Acting/Skits

  • Music Videos

  • Dance/Choreography

And More!

Our models are based in New Jersey, however, they can be booked for traveling opportunities as well.

Faith Shot by LacQuan Scott

Alma Davis

Model, CEO of Royal Soul

Alma Davis is a model and entrepreneur visionary with a passion for fashion. When she is not curating editorial and creative content, you can find her with her true love Royal Soul, the company she founded explored her designing and styling skills.. Alma enjoys traveling, networking and embracing the culture.

She is known to create a buzz at Fashion Shows; they are one of her favorite things to do as a model in addition to featuring her brand with other models!

As Published In:
Horizont Magazine - Issue 4 (September 2019)
Shuba Magazine - Issue 28 (September 2019)
Ellements Magazine- (October 2019)
Feroce Magazine - (October 2019)
Summers Magazine - Issue 36 (January 2020)
Horizont Magazine- Issue 8 (January 2020)
Feroce Magazine- (February 2020)
Piction Magazine- (February 2020)
Evon Magazine- (May 2020) Magazine- (July 2020)