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We Are Jersey Media Company

We Do It For Our Culture

We Are Jersey is a media company that bridges the gap between community, culture and creativity. We connect artists with one another, their fans, and the world at large through events, interviews, profiles, articles on social issues impacting communities around the globe--and anything else our team of writers can dream up. Our mission is simple: to tell your story because we know you deserve to be heard.

When We Are Jersey was founded in 2014, its founders had a clear vision for what they wanted the company to become. They believed that every person has a story worth telling, and they were determined to create a platform where those stories could be shared. From day one, We Are Jersey has been committed to giving voice to underrepresented communities.

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Creative, Entertainment & Marketing Services

We're all tired of the same old thing. The same music, the same movies, the same celebrities. It's time for a change.

That's where we come in. We're revolutionizing how you brand yourself. Our complete branding system allows you to build a following that grows exponentially and provides a platform for you to sell merchandise, tickets, music, or anything else you want people who like you to buy.

We don't just provide our clients with marketing tools; we work with them to create a strategic marketing plan giving them insight on how to take things to the next level.

We are here to keep pushing the creative and entertainment industry and encouraging change within it. No more boundaries. More authenticity.

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We are committed to empowering artists and brands in the creative, entertainment and media industry. To take it one step further we created We Are Jersey Magazine, which provides a solid foundation for upcoming talents all over New Jersey to across the globe with regular features on emerging stars throughout their career growth and journey! Our visual content promotion services help you stand-out from other companies and brands while our editorial offers insight into what's and who is creating an impact in their community. This magazine will continue shine light onto talented individuals across different fields so that they can achieve success both domestically as well internationally by showcasing them at every turn possible. We are committed to creating opportunities in the media & entertainment industries for artists & brands.So,to take it one level up we created the We are Jersey Magazine. Our magazine is created with a mission to provide a rock-solid foundation to upcoming talents in all of Jersey. We regularly feature rising talent which gives the artist the attention they deserve.We promote your brand through visual content and editorial as well as provide other services that are needed for you to use in order to further your career.We want to help showcase talent worldwide and bring it to the forefront. We are excited about connecting a huge network of musicians, models, photographers, artisans, videographers, and graphic designers who not only provide these abilities but also now will have access to additional information that will help them market themselves in this ever-growing and competitive world.

Why Us?

We are strategists and executors, online and offline. We are that one-stop shop for any entertainment company or brand looking to strategize for their growth, increase their exposure, curate creative visuals or create memories, with our clients list and team which is extensive enough to cover all bases!

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