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Some are afraid of fire. Some become it
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My name is, “Sherelle", also known as 'Cinderellea” or in the business aspect as “Relle The Plug”. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and currently residing in Central New Jersey. I am 22 years of age with huge dreams and aspirations. I recently became more involved in modeling, because I have a background in runway shows and brand modeling. I have been doing runway for over 16 years on different occasions and now that I am officially ready to brand myself I decided to take my modeling career more serious. My preferred style is urban and fashion photoshoots and gigs, but I am beginning to experiment in various aspects including commercial, swimsuit and glamour. Though I am labeled as a “short” “petite” African American/West Indian model because I am 5”1, 120lbs I am ALSO known to have a very fierce runway walk. I look forward to aspiring young females whose dream is to be a business woman, branding themselves and being successful. I have plenty of goals and modeling for amazing names is one!

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New Jersey, USA

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