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Who Is TheJerzClub?

Every few years we have something new that pops up in Jersey Club, recently everyone

in the Jersey Club community has been talking and asking one exact question “Who Is

TheJerzClub?” Jersey Club has gone through so many experiences in media from

blogs, magazines, television, and podcasts from many dedicated individuals who took a

chance out there to capture the moments we have all love to share as supporters for the

genre of Jersey Club music. With things new on the scene comes changes, and many

questions... like what does TheJerzClub do? Or, what is TheJerzClub about? WAJ, you

know WE ARE JERSEY and we have the first scoop on TheJerzClub, and we were all

up in this mix. Jersey and Jersey Club get ready for the next level because Jersey Club

is here.

Photo Credits: TheJerzClub & TheJerzClub Music

The Jersey Club community has huge collective of individuals who range from a

multitude of talents that range from Multi Club Genre Producers, Worldwide and local

DJ’s, Multi Skilled Dancers, Choreographers, Videographers, Photographers and that is

just the start of it all. What comes along next is TheJerzClub, a media entertainment

brand of Jersey Club that is dedicated to covering the heart and soul of the true Jersey

Club Culture. We Are Jersey had the opportunity to gather what the word on the street

is from their publicist, who was able to share some answers to our questions for us to

know what TheJerzClub is all about.

Photo Credits: TheJerzClub & TheJerzClub Music

Q: Let’s start with how TheJerzClub started, give us the beginning story of how it all


A: TheJerzClub started as an Instagram page to support many of the social media

content that people in Jersey Club was putting on social media in the year of 2019.

Many of the early dance videos made by early content creators such as Kia-BHN, Quay

Hoa, DJ Hybrid to name a few followed by the music from Cookiee Kawaii, DJ Smallz,

DJ Sliink at the time. From a brief period of not posting and then getting back to posting

TheJerzClub brand was this fully launched in the late year of 2023 around the month of

October. The social media posts were the core reason for starting the brand, those

name previously mentioned were essential as they led to others becoming noticed by us

through collaborations or sharing of each others posts. Jersey Club is the kind of

community when you listen to one you have to listen to all, when one of them gets on

the floor they all go to work.

Q: Now that the brand if almost fully and officially known, we see TheJerzClub has been

dropping serious content fill us in on what all that the brand does?

A: We have covered a multitude of social media content that it then evolved to so many

other ideas that we have launched and the ideas just keep coming. TheJerzClub is all

about giving the recognition to the people who make their music, dance in the videos, or

spin tracks at parties and events. These individuals are the light and core to the Jersey

Club music that we hear today and learn the latest dance moves from. With supporting

all this material so much, it was then brought to life the ideas of promoting the music

from DJ’s and Producers evolving to promoting dancers in a positive media aspect. We

then started to form TheJerzClub music lists, curating playlists, and pushing the media

that originates from the true Jersey Club Culture. Fast forwarding today at this very

minute and we are now on the grind with media based coverage of the current Jersey

Club community. We believe in showing the greater good of what comes from Jersey

and what will always take the top spot for entertainment in New Jersey is Jersey Club

Culture. Then birthed our next brand, TheJerzClub Music, an exclusive brand dedicated

to Jersey Club Music Artists, DJ’s, and Producers of the Jersey Club community to

highlight the achievements, accolades, and give life experiences of the Jersey Club

Culture. Yes, it’s alot that we are coming with so get ready Jersey Club. This one is for


Q: Explain more about your music lists, what’s the story of why TheJerzClub does this

for Jersey Club music?

A: Jersey Club music is the only genre of music where tracks are being released

everyday. 2023 and 2024 as we have started TheJerzClub, had began to take music

from the Jersey Club Culture to the next level. When Jersey Club music was around in

the 2000s during the cery start of the internet, you had to literally go to people who sold

CD’s locally for Jersey Club music, find some of your favorite known DJ’s on the original

and first social media platform known as MySpace, or watch and listen on YouTube

which individuals back then took the initiative at that time to record content or pave the

way for music to get onto the internet. Jersey Club/Brick City Club and Baltimore Club

were the only two major sounds back then and both were the first to have the ability to

play, or what you call today “stream”. The evidence points to some of the major videos

that were around that date back at least 10+ years now such as WizTv, Brick Bandits,

DJ JayHood dance videos, to name some that were on the front lines creating this

content. Fast forward to right now, we as TheJerzClub has formed and branded to make

sure the highlights, spotlights, cameras, and recognition go to the individuals who make

and support Jersey Club where it originates in Jersey, the country of the United States,

and worldwide as Jersey Club has grown to a global audience. When it comes time for

music to reach the universe Jersey Club will be there. It is a fact that even God, our lord

and savior listens and loves Jersey Club. Just look at how blessed the culture is.

Photo Credits: TheJerzClub & TheJerzClub Music

The music lists have become a way for people to tune in and listen to the music that

Producers create and DJ’s spin on their set. Anyone in this world can tell you that they

have listened to Jersey Club and can name their favorite Jersey Club artist. It is a fact

that people have found those Jersey Club Artists, DJ’s and Producers from events as

Jersey Club is guaranteed to play by DJ’s at a party as part of their sets. There is so

much music that we don’t want people to miss out on the “Bangerz” that Jersey Club

has been coming with for the past year, and TheJerzClub is here for it all.

In our music lists we cover some of the latest tracks, albums, and EP’s from all of those

who are tapped int o TheJerzClub promoting the music and where to stream on certain

platforms. In 2023 we covered the music for the entire year by dropping the lists for the

best Jersey Club tracks of the year such as TheJerz Club Top 10 2023 (The top 10

Jersey Club tracks of TheJerzClub), Top 10 SoundCloud & YouTube Music 2023 (The

top 10 SoundCloud and Youtube Jersey Club Music), Top 6 Spotify 2023 (The top 6

Spotify Jersey Club Music), and Top 25 Music of the Year 2023 (The top 25 tracks of

Jersey Club for the year of 2023.) These lists are official lists that we started in 2023

when we first branded to show our support for the culture and get the community

engaged in. TheJerzClub is a brand that encourages everyone to continue to keep the

spirit alive for Jersey Club. The idea came to continue the music lists so expanded to

the Top 25 Music of the Month for Jersey club and Top 8 playlist with our next brand

TheJerzClub Music.

They lists were created to overall celebrate and return our thanks as a community to the Artists, Producers, DJ’s and Dancers (who carry the music with the latest dance

moves.) We don’t make these lists as a competition but to highlight tracks that Jersey Club has dropped every day, month, and year.

Photo Credits: TheJerzClub, LabSisterz Din Daa Daa Event May 26th

Q: Can you tell us the mission of TheJerzClub?

A: It’s a simple mission, to encourage individuals worldwide to tap into the true Jersey

Club culture as the number 1 platform for Jersey Club Music and Dance. Jersey Club

Culture deserves a brand that is for and works with the community by supporting Jersey

Club Music and Dance at every step that they all take. All people are encouraging to tap

in with TheJerzClub as we have begun our journey into exploring the scene and

celebrating with those same people who entertain us with music and dance. The only

way to do that is to show up and be that brand who supports through true physical spirit

and hear the concerns of those who wish to have their visions fulfilled in the Jersey Club

Culture. It’s a funny name but thank you and shout out to Bantu Otaku for dropping the

name as the “Jersey Club Avatar” (yes please do laugh). To stand up and help

everyone in the Jersey Club Scene is what we as a brand are meant to do, we had

firsthand experience in coming out to many events such as The LabSisterz Din Daa Da

video shoot, to meet many individuals such as The Lab Sisters (LetsGoYanni,

Legendary Tah, JiggyTrizzy, Favv Neyy, Big Sexy and Mariah, and ???) The legend known

as Rey Mazerati also popped out along with YoungSimT2R, Chilly, Ku2fed and others

who support the Jersey Club community.

Photo Credits: ClubNyc Brooklyn,NY

At ClubNyc in Brooklyn, we were able to pop out and support Team E.V.O, 2LitGirlz,

RepTheCulture, Lab Sisterz, DJ Hybrid, Dancin’ Mike, Malcolm CEO, WhoDreLB, Kia

Bhn, Queen Shayy, Dimez Flawless, W I Z, Aries, Fav Neyy, Rey Mazerati, Zah2xs,

Regina Nicole, Ku2fed, and DramaSoRandom who performed the showcase for

ClubNyc, as well as took the floor away with what they do best as some of the

G.O.A.T.S. for Jersey Club and showing New York what Jersey does best. The venue

was FIRE, the bass in the speakers were fire, everything was FIRE. Everyone proved

the point that night that Jersey Club can go any and everywhere and make the vibe

happen. It was a night to remember.

Photo Credits: Rahway Labs, Ayo Lyve, LeakTheDJ

At Rahway Labs, we were OUTSIIDE!!! No, like literally OUTSIDE. Jersey Club was at

Rahway River Park, and everybody came outside to be part of this Jersey Club culture.

You had all the big groups of Jersey Club that we had the experience in meeting that

popped up and were ready for this year's battles. At the park were Lab Sisterz,

Sharklyfe, Majin Krew, the Figgaz to name a few. There were also some new individuals

on the scene that we met for the first time BriDatGuy, HanzSolo, JaySwervo, POP,

HatePBoy, and DJ LuuuGeez. When it was time to battle none of the Jersey Club

dancers disappointed. “NO CAP!!” as they say in Jersey.

Photo Credits: Rahway Labs, Ayo Lyve, LeakTheDJ

The speakers were out, and the tracks were bumping where you can hear it across the

park. Stepping on the scene you have the local dancers hitting the moves and then

come the battles. The only thing I have to say about that is you had to be there to see

the true spirit of Jersey Club. You will be surprised at the level of confidence, skill, and

determination that everyone had to make a name for themselves in 2024. It was an

honor having to be able to witness individuals who really make Jersey Club Culture.

Dancers, DJ’s, and Producers all in one location doing what they do best, which is

putting Jersey Club on the map for New Jersey. Many thanks to Rahway Labs, Ayo

Lyve, LeaktheDJ and everyone who came out and battled. All of you showed how much

Jersey Club spirit you really do have.

Photo Credits: TheJerzClub & TheJerzClub Music

Q: As a new brand for Jersey Club, what’s new to come from TheJerzClub?

A: The future of TheJerzClub depends on everyone who is part of the Jersey Club

Culture. If Jersey Club is alive, we will be right there with all of them forever.

TheJerzClub is a brand dedicated to Jersey Club so it’s about showing our support for

every person who is part of the community by showing up to their events, collaborating

with everyone on projects, and most of all showing SUPPORT. It takes nothing at all to

come through wherever they are and cheer them on as you watch them do what they do

best for the Jersey Club Culture. Yes, we listen to music. Yes, we show up to any event

out there to support the cause. Yes, we give shoutouts and flowers to DJ’s, Producers,

Artists, and Dancers when they drop new music, events, and cyphers. Yes, we help

build the Jersey Club community with experiences that you can make memories of. Yes,

as a brand we will support those whether local, in the country, and worldwide. So, the

possibilities are endless for Jersey Club, where we go next, the world should follow.

Make sure you pull up to Jersey in 2024.

There you have it Jersey, the culture of Jersey Club has a brand of its own. You read

firsthand some of what TheJerzClub has done and what’s to come. This year of 2024

the goal is to manifest your dreams, and Jersey Club must have a dream that they wish

to have come true because TheJerzClub is here and ready for you Jersey Club. So, if

you love Jersey Club Music make sure to follow TheJerzclub, “The Official Number 1

Platform for Jersey Club Music and Dance.”, on IG @thejerzclub &

@thejerzclubmusic, Twitter @thejerzclub, Youtube @thejerzclub, and Threads

@thejerzclub for everything on Jersey Club Music and Dance.

“2024 will be ours Jersey Club!” - TheJerzClub


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