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Tonio McKinley Founded Incisive Investments LLC with the Community In Mind

During difficult times like these, it is evident that it is crucial to become innovative and work toward new and out of the box ways to create income. Newly founded company, Incisive Investments LLC is making strides in helping their peers dive into a stock and trading community and get educated on financial literacy.

Executive Chairman and Founder Tonio McKinley founded Incisive Investments LLC with the community in mind. With a strong focus on his "Why", Incisive Investments LLC is considered to be one of the south’s most rapidly growing, sophisticated, and efficiently run investment based community resource groups. With the goal of educating people of all backgrounds on buying, selling, and trading on the New York Stock Exchange, it is clear that at a time where individuals are waking up to the realities of systematic racism that a solution was needed.

At the age of 23, Tonio has had his experiences of the losses, as well as the wins of investing and trading while learning. Through acceptance and understanding that patience and knowledge is a virtue, he wants his members to learn from his experiences that errors and disappointments aren't always setbacks but apart of the journey. It is the only way to grow in the field. McKinley envisions Incisive Investments LLC to be a multi million dollar company within 5 years and hopes to have helped millions of people improve their financial situations world wide so that they become the top 5-10% in financial class.

Tonio McKinley

By joining their Community Resource & Acquisitions Group server, you will have the ability to learn about Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stock Options, Common Stock, Index Funds, Retirement Accounts & more. If you are interested there is no commitment duration required however, it is suggested that individuals take the time to implement and absorb what is learned as you would with any other skill recommended at 6 months or so at least. While operating out of Dallas, Texas, their business is open to the entire United States allowing members to learn regardless of location. They strive to make their members a priority and are open to one-on-one assistance to ensure you understand the topics presented.

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