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Today in Hip-Hop History: Too $hort releases Life Is...Too $hort

Too Short's Life Is...Too Short, which was released over 30 years ago, is one of the most influential albums in Bay Area hip-hop history, as well as one of the most distinctly "Oakland" hip-hop albums ever. It gave birth to the Bay Area hip-hop scene as we know it today.

$hort was a local sensation by the time Life Is...Too Short dropped, famous for his work ethic and dedication to the hustle of selling his tapes. After three albums on the 75 Girls label, he released Born To Mack (1987) on his own label, Dangerous Music. The song "Freaky Tales," a sex-filled piece that helped establish Short's reputation, is the most well-known track from the album. After Born To Mack sold 50,000 copies in the Bay Area without any radio play or typical promotion, $hort was noticed by Jive Records, who instantly signed him.

Check out the full music video below!


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