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Tiki Barber Walks Out on Fiery NY Jets Debate with Joe Benigno

In a heated episode of WFAN's Evan and Tiki, the hosts welcomed former NFL player Tiki Barber to discuss the struggling New York Jets. The main focus was quarterback Zach Wilson and his lackluster performance in their recent loss to the New England Patriots. However, the conversation quickly turned into a fiery debate as Barber found himself defending Wilson and the Jets, leading to a clash with co-host Joe Benigno. The argument escalated to the point where Barber turned off his mic and walked out of the studio, unable to get through to Benigno's passionate rants.

Benigno expressed his belief that Barber's allegiance to the New York Giants influenced his stance on the Jets, accusing him of wanting the team to fail. Despite Barber's attempts to explain his perspective, Benigno's fiery retorts were relentless, forcing Barber to eventually give up and leave the program. As Barber walked away, Benigno continued to voice his disagreement, prompting a frustrated response from Barber.

In Barber's absence, the conversation shifted to the idea that former Jets quarterback Mike White should have received more playing time over Wilson. This further fueled the animosity between Benigno and Barber, culminating in Barber taking a break to calm himself down. After the episode, Barber clarified that he doesn't hate the Jets and even has a good relationship with Nate Hackett, a coach for the team. However, the discussion had become too overwhelming, leading him to seek solace with some Dunkin' to collect his thoughts.

Courtesy of Mad Sports Radio YouTube

Barber's involvement in Jets-related discussions has been challenging this season, starting with an apology he had to make on air for incorrect speculation about Jets coach Robert Saleh during the preseason.


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