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The Art of Upcycled and Recycled Jewelry

Updated: Apr 29

As we all know, April is Earth Month. Now is the perfect time to look at sustainable ways to accessorize and enhance your style. One effective method of participating in a greener future is by upcycling. Upcycling transforms waste materials and unused or unneeded products into unique pieces that benefit the environment while also adding a touch of originality to your style.

By upcycling, we are making a positive impact in the world by extending the life cycle of materials, reducing the amount of waste going into landfills, and minimizing the need to produce new items. 

Reclaimed With Love is an eco-friendly jewelry brand with a mission to promote sustainability by keeping intact quality products out of landfills, repurposing rather than destroying discarded materials, minimizing the use of natural resources by using eco-friendly initiatives, rejecting wasteful practices by using recycled materials, and producing visually appealing and long-lasting jewelry to sell to customers.

"We wholeheartedly support the process of transforming and upcycling jewelry in addition to other sustainable practices. We are also in the practice of donating leftover jewelry so that others can upcycle them and give them new life."

If you are looking to wear uniquely beautiful and sustainable jewelry, Reclaimed With Love offers a sustainable jewelry box subscription for fourteen to twenty-eight dollars per month, depending on how many items you want to receive. If you aren't interested in the subscription but would like to purchase sustainable jewelry, there is an option to purchase individual items. Reclaimed With Love sells products that are not only long-lasting and made out of recycled materials, but also affordable, allowing individuals to partake in a sustainable future one day at a time.

Another eco-friendly brand is Made Trade, a woman owned company supporting sustainability. There mission statement is to "make the world a beautiful place by holding themselves to a higher ethical standard."

"We call it being “ethically elevated.” It means we put artistry above efficiency. Fair wages above profits. Sustainability above mass production. Quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption. And transparency above everything, as we painstakingly hand-select only the most beautifully-designed, ethically-made goods that put people and our planet first."

Made Trades offers a unique collection of handcrafted earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces made of recycled materials. These versatile pieces offer room for creativity in your wardrobe, promoting a new sense of style that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

Source: Made Trade


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