LOCAL: Tahja Norman, a True Inspiration.

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Tahja Norman is a poet, author, and college graduate residing in Sicklerville, NJ. As a teen, Tahja battled crippling anxiety and self doubt which ultimately created negative self-awareness in even the most generic situations. It has become her life’s mission to break her mental chains and become an example to others experiencing the same darkness in their day to day activities.

In December of 2018, Tahja released her first book entitled “A Glimpse of Her World” that dives deep into her personal journey towards normality. Through the art of poetry, she expresses herself in great detail on the theme of her uniqueness being the strength of her inner being, and explores the beauty of her character that outweighs the shyness of her mind.

Tahja sets out to uplift her readers with stories and narratives that tell all within reach that they are not alone in their struggles. Her creative niche includes conscious efforts of encouragement, and diligently paves the way for other artists to shine in their own rite. Too often, people get caught up trying to find excuses rather than solutions. But through the mind of Tahja, it is essential to “do it scared, no matter what it is” in order to face your demons head on and prove to yourself that you are better than the awkwardness holding you back.

Now, after numerous poetry sessions, performing in live shows, and conducting meet and greets pertaining to her book, Tahja has become content with her character and continues to grow passed the daunting tribulations of her younger years. As artists, it’s important to speak loud so the people in the back can get the message. And even if you only change one persons life, you have been successful in your endeavors. Tahja is not only an enlightened spirit but also the physical embodiment of triumphing over challenges. So for anyone dealing with social depression and stagnation, Tahja is one of the greatest forces of inspiration and continues to do gods work everywhere she goes...

Tahja Norman