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Small Business Saturdays: Superior BMX & Little Miss Jersey

Hobbies and skills are always a great way of showing your personality and who you are, especially for Superior BMX. Created in 2018 by its founders Zakai & Al-Tarik Mack (also known as the Mack Brothers), Superior BMX is a diversely positive outlet for inner city kids who have a love for bicycle motocross.

“It is a way for me to relieve certain feelings. It helps me strengthen my mind when I think I can’t do something. It allows me to keep my mind on the end goal.” – Al-Tarik Mack

Photo By: @SuperiorBMX_

Not only does the Superior BMX team ride together, they also educate and support one another! This summer they had a fun filled popup shop, and cookout for the community. In addition, Superior BMX also owns a unique clothing brand that exemplifies who they are as a unit. The BMX popup shop was an event to inform the community about this amazing skill, and the tricks you will see from riders/skaters while promoting their clothing brand. They hosted the event at “The Come Back Co.” in Kearny, NJ. The retail store is also the current home of their Superior BMX Apparel, and a fellow friend of their company. The event included a free family friendly BBQ, with homemade food to enjoy.

“You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. If you see something you think is cool, you can go full force with it.” – Al-Tarik Mack

Photo by: @SuperiorBMX_

Superior BMX is not just a community of people who like to do tricks and show off their skill; they are an organization who likes to educate and uplift those who want to know more about the BMX industry and discovering what you love. With genuine love and care for people in their neighborhoods, they are promoting self-confidence and determination by embracing the passion they have for BMX riding.

“You never know what you like until you see it around you. I want people to have a hope in mind for things.” – Al-Tarik Mack

Photo by: @SuperiorBMX_

The overall mission goes way beyond the love for bicycle motocross. Superior BMX is a brand about connecting with the community, and assisting them in finding a hobby/skill that they love. Their goal is to remain optimistic, and true to who you are while discovering yourself. Boldly, they emphasize believing in yourself, and having the confidence to dedicate your life to that goal/skill.

“If you know what your end goal is, you won’t let anything get in your way. It will help you push through it. Take what you like and make it yours” – Al-Tarik Mack

Photo by: @SuperiorBMX_


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