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Stretching the Safety Net

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The human heart has a potent obstacle that is intrusive, blinding, and a repellent to relationships in any stage. Fear and lack of safety are points that cause many issues romantically, and they tend to reveal traumas, insecurities, and the like. Fear can make receiving a phone call feel like the last day on Earth to some women. Fear can abbreviate the most beautiful looking relationships, and leave minds confounded for generations! Fear will compromise potential bonds of any sort, and allow travesty to be sustained in human interactions. What will it take to remove that fear?

Reassurance & Intentional Action

What does it take for a woman to feel safe in a romantic environment? It is doubtful that most people know the answer, knowing the concerns about financial uncertainty & stability, as well as improper financial management & neglected communication opportunities. Essentially, she just wants to know that you've got her, and that you'll do EXACTLY what you said you would. THAT'S IT! You said that you'd ensure that the rent was covered for the next three months (if you both live together), and she will feel safe only if you actively cover it. More often than not, your word given followed by visible action will ensure her security!

Oh wait....SIKE!! There is another way to ensure her safety. It's is it called??


There should never be a situation that arises, and you end up using secrets she's told you as a weapon to break her down (and vice versa). Chastising her about her flaws, downplaying her dreams, and delivering verbal low blows shouldn't ever be something she experiences with someone she loves. You think bringing this up in an argument will help you win, when in will eventually lose her. Those precious things that she told you in confidence, where to be used only for her uplifting and covering! If she told you that her father called her worthless, and other things that broke her due to looking like her evil mother, that information should never be used against her because you're angry.

Be your partner's safe space!! The world's heavily armored weapons for tangible, psychological, and spiritual warfare are immense & vast! Can you be trusted with someone's heart? Can you be trusted with their well being in every area presented, or hidden?

If you can honestly answer in the positive manner, then that's wonderful news! Trust me when I say, it will affect the longevity of your relationship. No one should go out in a world full of chaos, and come home with being greeted by peace!

This is a message from someone who wants you to see love in a magical way, because it is what it is!

Your most concerned & observant love writer,

- Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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