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Small Business Saturdays: Shop Positive with Jaszy The Brand

Curated by Lauren Parker

This Saturday, I’d like us to shine light on this small owned business with our readers as a reminder that we are the writer of our own story. Rather than hiding our flaws, we should practice wearing them proudly. My hope is that someone purchases a ‘Jaszy The Brand’ hoodie with a quote that reminds them of their worth. We all need a bit of positivity in our lives and one way to get it is through the clothing we wear. Jaszy The Brand, based in Union, New Jersey, is a great example of a brand that strives to spread positivity, love and light through comfortable attire with motivating quotes printed on them. But this isn’t just any ordinary clothes store; owner Jasmin W. created this brand after making a promise to herself that her insecurities would not define her nor stray her away from her purpose. Let’s take a peek at how this unique brand brings positive vibes into your wardrobe! Business Type: Product Based Business

Price Range: $$

Instagram: @jaszythebrand

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