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Sir Polar Bear heads into 2022 focused and hungry

Sir Polar Bear heads into 2022 focused and hungry
Photo Credit: Photo by tatonomusic

Stimulating much emotion, thought, belief, or feeling cannot be compared with rap music. The experience of writing optimism and reality-based lyrics onto a scrap of paper is the founding ethos of Hip-Hop.

Sharing their raw honesty helps create a riveting experience and provides mental therapy. Every nationality and ethnicity globally is directly or indirectly affected by rap music.

Rap music has risen from the depths of poverty and ascended into a multi-billion dollar machine. Hip-Hop music impacts every business sector on Wall Street. Blue Chip, Fortune 500, and Nasdaq companies consistently leverage the likeness of African American Hip-Hop artists.

Seeing a young black artist become a rose that grows through the concrete into a billionaire is nothing short of phenomenal.

Recording artist and Entrepreneur Sir Polar Bear represent the new Hip-Hop sound and evolution. Interestingly, Sir Polar Bear's music serves to compel listeners to psychoanalyze their vision, spirit, and convictions.

Creating a worldwide movement requires altering the culture and adopting a new way of thinking in order to create a movement with a purpose. Hoping to revolutionize Hip-hop, Sir Polar Bear's eccentric music and unique international appeal.

Aiming to grow his unique music niche, Sir Polar Bear's music has evolved its own lane of musical creativity in the Hip-Hop and R&B music genres. Hitting the radio waves is his latest release. RIGHT is now playing across major radio channels.

Playing in heavy rotation on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami Sir Polar Bear's track 'RIGHT". The track encompasses his music skillset's raw energy, transformative vision, and emotional intelligence.

Being on iHeartRadio and RADIOPUSHERS platform, Sir Polar Bear enjoys a vast audience following. Sir Polar Bear's track "RIGHT" is experiencing exponential growth and traction, being on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. Sir Polar Bear's music has its own mass appeal and longevity lane.

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