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Shanique Taliaferro - Cultivating Amazing Relationships and Sisterhood

Shanique Taliaferro's journey of cultivating relationships and sisterhood is a testament to her dedication to fostering community and empowerment. From the inception of her Facebook group to her endeavors in uniting black businesswomen, Taliaferro has consistently demonstrated a commitment to creating spaces where individuals can thrive.

Shanique Taliaferro shares her journey of cultivating amazing relationships and sisterhood, emphasizing the rewarding gifts that come with it. In a recent conversation, she expressed her excitement for what lies ahead, highlighting the joy of giving and receiving within her circle.

In an article published by, Taliaferro's journey is chronicled, detailing how she created the Facebook group of her dreams, which has since grown to include now over 10,000 members while continuing to do more work and make an impact. The article highlights her vision for the group as a platform for black women to connect, support each other, and celebrate their successes. This initiative speaks to Taliaferro's belief in the power of community and the importance of representation in online spaces.

Building on this momentum, Taliaferro's efforts have expanded beyond the digital realm. In an interview with, she discusses her organization dedicated to uniting black businesswomen. Through networking events, collaborations, and shared resources, Taliaferro has created a supportive ecosystem where black women entrepreneurs can thrive and uplift each other.

To read more, check out our her full article in our latest issue of WAJ Magazine.


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