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Public Enemy returns with new album ‘What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?’

Last month, it was revealed that legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy had re-signed with Def Jam, which is the cultural foundation that has worked to develop artists such as LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, Run D.M.C. and many more. Needless to say, Hip Hop fans around the world were delighted. It’s great to see them go back to a label that has played a crucial role in them becoming heroes, especially at a time when the world needs their voice the most. The trio then went on to release their 14th studio album What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?

The group is one of the most influential rap groups, particularly when it comes to rap music, and Chuck D, Flava Flav and DJ Lord, through this album, demonstrate why they are living legends. In the mid ‘80s, NWA and Public Enemy were popular for their rage. Interestingly, it was not that they were sad, disappointed, or angry at the world. Instead, they were infuriated at their situation as well as that experienced by their people. Moreover, they were angry at the people responsible for the situation.

Furthermore, they were not inclined towards looking for peace, nor were they seeking compassion and conversation. Instead, they just wanted to fight back. In fact, they were symbols of a generation that witnessed effective protest movements eventually lead to a corrupt government, and their hostility caused fear in even the highest levels of government and society.

Currently, the world is going through a disorderly state, because of the pandemic and the frequent killings of Black people, as well as controversies related to voting in the upcoming US election. In such times, Public Enemy has an ideal platform to be the voice of the people.

Stream their latest effort below.


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