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Plants and Boundaries

The process of production and destruction go hand in hand. To be at union with the One(God) is to know that the One is contained in every aspect and in every moment of life. One is contained in the many. In Math, they teach us 1 times any number is itself. This why we have to do shadow work.

To realize everything that we are looking for and actually looking at, is us, we

realize, The answer lies within us. Our light is our truth, so when you find your

shadows just shine some light onto them. Don't go sit in a dark corner with it. It's

not about being "good or bad'; we are just made of both light and dark.

Think about how roses have thorns or how nettle stings you. That doesn't take away

how amazingly powerful and good they are. The thorns and stinging are

boundaries set by those plants. The dark in us teaches us what boundaries we

need within ourselves and which we need to set for the outside world. The choice

is solely yours on which you want to focus on growing.

You cant go into a different apartment to turn on the light inside of your

apartment, can you? You cant control if the light is on or off unless you are inside

your own apartment, flicking the switch, on or off.

Lastly, love yourself unconditionally. FLOW with the changes. The choices you

made yesterday DO NOT have to dictate your today. If you don't like the choices

you made yesterday simply just make a new choice today.

The process is not linear; change is not linear. The ups and downs of life remind you that you are alive. (A flat line equates to death.)

Every single moment is a new beginning and in each moment lies rebirth.

Be still and know that everything is working out for your higher good, even the painful moments.

Your light is your truth. We are just trying to find our light so we can SHINE.



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