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PGA Tour Threatened By LIV Golf, New Golf Venture Poaching PGA Tour Professionals

For decades now, the sport of golf has been governed by an organization known as the Professional Golfer’s Association, or PGA for short. The PGA was founded in 1929 and has played a tremendous role in bringing golf to the forefront of popular culture since its inception nearly a century ago, cementing the organization’s position as the preeminent force in golf. That might be changing however as a new organization has emerged in the past few weeks that stands to threaten the sanctity of the PGA Tour as we know it, and they’re making considerable noise. LIV Golf is looking to dethrone the PGA as they have signed a number of PGA Tour professionals to compete in their newfound venture over the past few weeks, and they’re garnering a lot of attention in the process.

LIV Golf has been making headlines over the past few weeks as they have signed a number of PGA Tour professionals that includes the likes of Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson to compete in their venture. The list of names they have amassed is both extensive and impressive, but the PGA is not happy about it. As the preeminent governing body in golf, the PGA has responded swiftly by suspending the golfers who have elected to leave the PGA Tour in favor of competing in the competitions being held by LIV Golf. This is an unprecedented event as the PGA has never experienced any real competition in the past, however the Saudi Arabian funded LIV venture is luring away some of the PGA’s most elite talent with the promise of big paydays. Whether the individuals in question will be able to play in PGA Tour events remains unclear, but LIV Golf has made themselves a viable competitor in a rather short amount of time and it should be interesting to see how this situation unfolds over the next few months.

The PGA has reigned supreme over the sport of golf for the better part of an entire century now. LIV Golf’s swift ascension to the top of the sport is both remarkable and unexpected, proving itself to be a worthy adversary of the PGA. How these two organizations will, or won’t, coexist remains unclear at this time, but it should certainly be interesting to see what else transpires as they go toe-to-toe.


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