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OGFATMAC remains hungry and humble on his path to Hip-Hop immortality

The pursuit of greatness

A person whose goal is to achieve a higher level of success in life must extend an abnormal effort in order to succeed. Pursuing visions within your mind is a non-scripted reality show narrated by you and directed by God. Being obsessed with your dreams is a part of the pursuit of greatness process.

However, few of us ever take the initiative and go out into the world to pursue our dreams. In Hip-Hop, the "15 minutes of fame" is an actual reality. Achieving success is one thing, but staying relevant and in demand requires several crucial intangibles, an iron stomach, and tunnel vision.

The impact of rap music

Rap music is incomparable to any other music genre. Hip-Hop music creates the most iconic figures in entertainment. Hip-Hop's transformative message is the most polarizing in our modern human era. Young black talented artists from all parts of America create life-changing lyrics from the depths of pain and height of creative genius, captivating people worldwide.

Rap artists' life perspectives and viewpoints paint a vivid narrative of a two-sided America. Youth culture's reaction to Hip-Hop underscores its profound effect on mainstream America. Black people have a unique emotional connection to other races because of their history with white America via slavery. Possessing this pain enables ultra-gifted black artists to engineer revolutionary words of aspiration.

OGFATMAC relentless pursuit of rap supremacy

OGFATMAC represents Hip-Hop's new-age hybrid entrepreneur/artist. Launching and running a multimedia enterprise, which includes a record label, clothing line, and global merchandising is the wave of artist ownership and empowerment.

His music possesses unparalleled lyricism, unrivaled intensity, and legendary street sound, instantly connecting to the listener's deepest feelings and hidden emotions.

Talking about the year 2021, he entered into a brand monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST. Both companies are strategically positioned to elevate OGFATMAC's brand in 2022.


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