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NEW VIDEO: Azia - I'm Done

Brooklyn, NY - September 24, 2020

Azia, the B.E.T. credited socialite, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, is back with a new release. The multi-dimensional recording artist is letting go and having fun with her girls in “I’m Done”; an anthem for rising above negativity and releasing toxicity that showcases Azia’s musical prowess.

In a world where technology and hook-up culture have made commitment and empowerment more elusive than ever, young women are struggling to find love. “I’m Done,” is an embodiment of self love and a reminder that you’re the true winner when you let go of negativity. The lush visuals are an ode to the early 2000s, through the eyes of a Brooklyn Girl. This song makes you want to grab some lip gloss, leave your current f boy, turn down your emotional unavailability and turn up the bop “I’m Done”.

With an arsenal of enchanting femininity, courage, and charisma, Azia is a Haitian/Trinidadian songstress, scaling her own path in the music industry. Azia exemplifies

the mindset that no dream is too high to reach if you stand with the right attitude and determination.

For everything, Azia contact info, show, and music click the links below:


"I'm Done" Video Link


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