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Phillipe Paris Cover art designed by Johanna Desrosiers
Cover art designed by Johanna Desrosiers

Break ups, they’re painful, messy and just has you feeling sad at the end of it all. Thanks to artist Philippe we can bop to a fun, disco inspired beat in newly released single Paris that can now be added to our break-up playlist. This track has that old funk and disco feel that makes your body want to move, has a catchy hook, and leaves women feeling inspired in a time of despair.

Inspired by artists like Missy Elliot, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Tierra Whack and Jhene Aiko Philippe dares to be different and introduces a sound that isn’t like your typical mainstream media. She brings more spunk, attitude, and individuality which is all evident in new single Paris.

Recording Paris, Philippe felt good writing and recording it but felt a little nervous to be so vulnerable about such a personal topic. However, she felt like these are things people go through and can be used as an outlet especially for women who don’t feel all too comfortable speaking about they’re relationship, they can at least release to this song.

Aside from being a hip hop recording artist, Philippe is also a multimedia mogul in the making. She makes power moves by creating her own content either for herself or for someone else. Sometimes inspiration for a song would strike in the midst of a multimedia project. Being an independent artist Philippe had to learn a lot in her journey so far which involves multimedia mastery.

Artist Philippe shot by David Alexander
Philippe is also a reputable creative writer.

Something that is important for Philippe is authenticity. She feels people aren’t they’re true selves because of fear of judgement. Philippe is confident with herself to be her true authentic self at all times. She would like to be remembered by her fans and following as a genuine authentic person who always gave herself and nothing short of that each time.

Make sure you check Philippe out on all social media accounts @just.philippe and check out her new single Paris on all music streaming services!


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