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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The hardest and easiest thing to do in society is to be yourself. This is why Malc, up and coming rapper from Bayonne, NJ is that much more distinctive compared to his peers and other rappers in the game today.

Malc is distinctive from other rappers for the simple fact he delivers a message with every song; a talent he discovered in late 2017. The influences he looks up to in respect to maneuvering the music industry are Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle, Master P. Those of which who can grind and build independently. Those of which who do not compromise their sound for a contract from a major record label. With this in mind, he started and owns his label 94TiL. A team made up of close friends since the ages of 6-7 years old; these are the people who he can count on and rely on to keep him grounded, focused. Not only does he count on his team but also his family. He gets his ability to control a crowd and convey his message from his grandfather who is a pastor. His articulation comes from the many books his father, an avid reader, made him read growing up. The “go-getter” mentality that keeps him hungry enough to keep chasing his dream is owed to his mother for being the type of person who gets everything done by herself and for herself.

Motivated, determined and focused, Malc prioritizes perseverance, character growth, and resiliency as quality traits that are depicted in his new project Soon Enough. In Soon Enough you are taken on a more personal journey that is the mindset and inner thinking of Malc himself. More To It delves you right to the core of his mind as he explains he controls what he can and what he can’t he will adjust to giving us more insight as to the type of the person he is and where his values lie. Conjuring inspiration from Tupac's Keep Ya Head Up, he takes advantage of the unprecedented times that we are all living in to say "This Too Shall Pass" in Let Up.

Soon Enough differs from his previous projects in several ways one being that this is the longest album he released with this label 94TiL. Where a normal project contains 6 to 7 tracks, this one contains 10. It also has Dave East as a special guest and, lastly, he is more personal on this album. Malc was talking to himself in the mirror when creating Soon Enough and just merely invited us to that conversation. The uplifting messages he provides to the audience is the one he imparts on his friends. With this album, it is easy to feel like Malc is speaking to you as one of his own and he can only impart wisdom and knowledge with every word.

In the future, we are expecting several new things that Malc has in store as he took full advantage of the stay at home order during these unprecedented times. He is also expecting a tour in the future as soon as Summer 2021, tentatively. He is also anticipating releasing some visuals and a host of content in later months.

Personal shout out to the whole 94TiL team: Russ, Hern, Mullin, Loc, Brian, Jack, Karma, Ariana – for always being an inspiration and muse, Soulfull – for being a sparring partner and keeping the pencil sharp, Adele J, Twice, all the producers, my parents for everything, and of course Bayonne!

You can listen to "Soon Enough" on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.

Written by Melissa Maloon


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