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New Month: New Boo Marching In

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Happy New Month y'all!!

Time to kick it off right! Oh wait, so I heard you got a new boo thang!! Look at YOU!! Look at you...can't stop smiling, can you? Your stomach is in knots, huh? You probably have had more laughs and "boo lovin" text messages, than New Jersey's urban schools have been denied proper funding for teaching materials for students. I see you! You look incredibly happy, and that's fantastic!

With this new heartbeat of yours found on two legs, I am going to need you to focus on something important, which plagues many men & women who tend to be reasonably decent. Do NOT undervalue yourself! Did you read what I just wrote?

People tend to ask themselves, what does their boo (or significant other) see in them? What arises is a disregard for their identity, worth, and substance. If your person likes you the way that you are, why are you so hell bent on looking to point out every "flaw" that you see? Some women tend to randomly mention celebrity names, comparing their bodies & shapes to people they don't even personally know. It's self destructive to the human spirit, and adamantly counterproductive to one's romantic health.

The LARGEST issue you have is your own fear.

Allowing fear to swarm over your thoughts will bring about chaos in one's psyche. Receiving compliments from your partner who adores you, will prove in vain, if you cannot see yourself as gold!

When you drift into negative thinking, remember that YOU ARE THE PRIZE!

Be well, blessed, and as incredible as you want to be,

- Jose V. Wright, Jr.


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