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New Interview Featuring Alyza, Founder of SW3AT and TOSD Lounge

Check out our new interview featuring Alyza, the founder of SW3AT and TOSD Lounge, and Daniel Banks from We Are Jersey, is now available online. In this interview, Alyza shares her journey and experiences in the cannabis industry, as well as her mission to educate and empower people through natural healing and self-wellness.

Alyza is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, having founded both SW3AT, a wellness collective, and TOSD Lounge, a dispensary and holistic cannabis-friendly lounge located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Through her work, she seeks to break down stigmas surrounding cannabis use and promote its natural healing properties.

In the interview with Daniel Banks, Alyza discusses her personal experiences with cannabis and how it has helped her with anxiety and other health issues. She also shares her insights on the cannabis industry, including its challenges and opportunities, as well as her vision for the future of cannabis.

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