Nastyelgic - "America This, America That"

photos: @shotbyshomari

It seems as if an era has ended, and the beginning of a mysterious evolution is amongst the people. It has been said "Let both lies and truths circulate freely, for it is time, and only time, that will separate one from the other.". But what they forgot to add, was it would be the artists of the world that would spread that truth, and ultimately battle a world full of deception.

NJ emcee Nastylegic put together an amazing track entitled, "America This, America That" which touches on a never-ending cycle of negativity our black people are faced with. What's different however, is that Nastylegic didn't approach the single in a preachy or self-righteous manner. Instead, he let the momentum of his pen embody the essence of his lyricism, and spoke directly to the pain America prides itself on hiding.

This was definitely a great listen, and such a dope way to drop bars and facts at the same time. Stay tuned in with Nastylegic as he sets to release both a short film in March and a full project entitled "1:11" in April.