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Mario Releases New Visual For “Mars”

Mario- Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter- has released a strong video for his song “Mars.” This song is the second single from his upcoming release Closer To Mars, which the fans will be able to enjoy later this month. The broadcast premiere for “Mars” will be on BET Soul, BET Her and the Viacom Times Square Billboard.

Although fall has approached, the temperature continues to soar in “Mars.” The video has been co-directed by Mario and Sterling Hampton and depicts two star-crossed lovers who express their love for each other passionately- from the living room to another galaxy. This song is for all those fans of feel good love songs. “I know you don’t really wanna leave, they way you’re holding me. All we need is love, we don’t need gravity.” Throughout the video, we are consistently reminded as to why we are amazed by this talented singer.

Mario has concurrently released a new line of merchandise, and if you are a fan, you can check them out here. Fans can preorder Closer To Mars and stand a chance to win a galaxy ceiling light projector, Mars planet lamp and pair of HD 450BT wireless headphones. Pre-order here.


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